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Architecture and Design Scotland (A+DS)(Scot)

Scotland's national champion for good architecture, design and planning in the built environment. Established by the Scottish Government in April 2005 A+DS has taken over the independent design review and advisory roles of the Royal Fine Art Commission for Scotland (RFACS). Architecture and Design Scotland's main aim is to inspire better quality in design and architecture in the public and private sectors so that Scotland's built environment contributes in a positive way to Scotland's quality of life and built heritage. It has a wider and more proactive role in advocating the benefits of good design than the RFACS through Enabling, Research and Communications activities. A+DS works with a wide range of organisations at national, regional and local level. Architecture and Design Scotland is a Non Departmental Public Body (NDPB) and operates as a Company Limited by Guarantee funded directly by the Scottish Government. A+DS acts as a key delivery mechanism for the objectives of the Scottish Government's Policy on Architecture for Scotland. See also

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